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Posted by Pip

DF13- We Are Team Virtue

I think this one gives the first true inklings on how the Sins got whipped: the Virtues actually think before they act. The Virtues plan, act together, and know a little something about what they're doing and who they're fighting. Although there is a little something admirable about being so blindly secure in yourself that you'll jump in and bonk your rival on the head. Blow THAT up, Cyclops.

Thursday is Earth Day so do your part to maintain Universal stability and to prevent the whole scene from imploding in on itself. Balance would be keen on you helping stop that.

I want to add Wacom to my very short list of companies with awesome service. Because of a problem with Windows (I hate you Vista, haaaaate you) my tablet was no longer working properly and just a few days after emailing their customer service, I got back some of the best instructions ever related to fixing a computer problem and they worked on the first shot so my tablet works normally again. Kudos to you, Wacom!