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Posted by Pip

DF14- Her Hair Is A Crocodile

Greed's thiefery (griefing?) saves the day! Or at least prevents Lust from getting some split ends. His aura of shear awesomeness and pickpocketry negate Chastity's control over her sword. Here's hoping his tail is prehensile enough to swing that thing.

Quick Review: Big Fan- Patton Oswald is just one of those actors where I don't see the appeal. I don't like his stand up and as an actor, he doesn't seem to have much going for him. Sticking a comedian into a serious role can work well, but this time it's more Jim Carrey in Majestic than Jim Carrey in Truman Show. Most movies with a loser main character have a "but" somewhere in there. He's a loser BUT he learns and grows. He's a loser BUT everybody around him is cool. He's a loser BUT he has a death ray. Paul starts out a loser, continues being a loser, and ends the movie being an even bigger loser. It's not even that the character doesn't grow or never redeems himself, he just spends the whole movie as so much of a loser by his own making and choosing that you don't even pity him. It's a film about some guy that makes a stupid choice and not much more than that.