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Posted by Pip

DF17- Running With Angers

That was mean of Chastity to yell that at Sharing. They're on the same team so why should sh- Oooohhh... She meant to push Anger. Well, that makes more sense.
Maybe Lust should look at the silver lining and feel lucky that she dropped the scythe when they hit. One superfluous hole is manageable, but two, that's pushing it. Or they could at least put corks on Anger's various pointy bits. It's all well and good until somebody puts an eye out or you lose a fight for your corporeal form. Things aren't so hot with management on team Sin.

Doing my civic duty and alerting all you fine people in comic land that Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. Hit up the site and see if any of your local joints are participating. Pick up the Tick comic if they are and heckle the shop owners mercilessly if they aren't!