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Posted by Pip

DF18- Pin The Tail On The Jackass

Eh, kind of serves Anger right. See what happens when you don't apologize? People, um, rip your arm off. And yes, the Virtues's weapons count as supernatural objects so the Sins are highly vulnerable to them. Anger is a tough one to beat, so why bother beating it? Stick it to a wall and it's no longer your problem. Just make sure you take it down or else it's going to be a rather vitriolic version of those singing fish.

It's a new month, so there's a new donation wallpaper! Contribute to bask in the awesomeness of Sloth with a 'fro. That's like one step more awesome than Sloth in a funny hat.

No truly bizarre searches that led to the site last month (well, ones I'm willing to repost), but two that stood out were “sloth in a hat” and “fuzzy wuss”. Kudos to you, fine people.