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DF20- From Downtown

So, yes, there are downsides to being a big ball. Namely that everybody's first instinct is to punt you as far away as possible. And everybody knows modest people rock at carnival games so that outcome is pretty much the only possible one. Modesty's room it totally full of third-rate knock-off stuffed animals.

I was thinking of making the comic pages a little bigger. Not by much, just bumping it up to 800 wide instead of the current 700. I don't think too many of us are still using 800x600 screen resolution, so, any thoughts?

Long, Fancy 'ats Review: Overlord: Dark Legend- Why do I keep playing these games? It's like some kind of masochistic urge that if the setting and characters are good, I feel compelled to subject myself to godawful gameplay. On the downgrade to the Wii, the minions have even poorer AI, the camera is even worse, and defying the logic of having a remote and a pointer, the controls are even worse. You now also have to be standing almost right next to an object for the minions to recognize it. You may be able to see something and send the minions to it, but unless you're only a few feet away from it, the game refuses to acknowledge it exists, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of having a minion horde in the first place since you have to do all the work yourself. The game is really buggy on top of it. Items won't react, minions will just stand still, minions will get caught on seemingly nothing, NPCs will spew out the same line over and over even if you're a screen away from them, items you've already collected will reappear but you walk through them as if they weren't there, enemies won't take damage, even though you have enough minions they won't pick up an object, multiple sound errors, heck, they couldn't even get the it's/its distinction correct so there's a typo on the loading screen. Since it's a Wii game, you need to have one completely tacked on waggle move so you can now throttle minions to make them explode. Because this kills your minion and destroys his items, this weakens your force and is completely and utterly useless outside of the handful of times where the game forces you to do this to pass an obstacle. Pretty much the only aspect that's been improved is forging. It no longer requires souls, so all you need is gold. Plus, there's really no good reason for upgrades to cost money because just throws treasure chests at you. Most of the side quests just require you to find a few items hidden around a certain area and you get a lot of money for doing them and treasure chests restock any time you change screens. There are four or five chests in the main town, so all you have to do collect them, warp to the castle, warp back to town, and repeat. The minion upgrades are available as soon as you find their respective hives, so once you get a minion class, you can immediately max it out. The armor and weapon forges need to be found, but the game doesn't do a very good job of explaining what the differences are between items. I always just bought the most expensive one and that seemed to work out. There's no real sense of balance to the game either. The beginning is pretty tough because you have almost no minions and the Overlord is a complete wimp. After you beat the first few quests and get the forge, it's almost impossible to die as long as you never use the Overlord in battle. I beat the last two bosses without losing a single minion or having the Overlord lose more than a single block of health. You can win every battle except for two by putting a guard marker down and stepping back because the minions are godly after you've purchased all their super cheap upgrades. You can only have a maximum of 20 minions at a time but I finished the game with over 600 minions in reserve, so even if you screw up and one of your minions actually dies, you have a massive hoard that's just as strong waiting in the wings. It's either a saving grace or just another way the game is a rip off, but it is really, really short. We're talking "you could probably beat it in a single day" short. It doesn't even really have an ending. You do something that minorly contributes to the a mostly inconsequential bit of the world's backstory, you don't get to smite those that opposed you, you never find out how this Overlord connects to the others outside of a mention of his uncle, and the whole plot with his father that starts the game has no resolution whatsoever.
Sins Committed: Bad controls, Bad camera, Bad level design, Buggy, No ending, Short, Bad balance
Virtues Acted: Good characters, Good dialogue, It was only $5