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Posted by Pip

DF22- Tastes Like Candy

Pride! High in protein, loaded with vitamins, and chock full of everything an injured demon needs to recover. So pretty much the opposite of Gluttony wolfing down dirt and grass, after its beating at the hands of Labor, it needs something more nutritious to heal. Pride just so happens to be a rather mighty demon so he makes for a good meal. And tearing his arm off makes for the start of an uneasy partnership. Reason number 28 why the Virtues are on top: They don't eat each other.

Trying something new with the sound-effects. Any thoughts? I don't like drawing a ton of attention to them, but I thought this would make them stand out enough but not be too in your face and still differentiate them from spoken effects.

I haven't had a chance to play it much, but initial impressions on 3D Dot Game Heroes are that it's freaking awesome!