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DF25- Play With Your Food

Having the forces of evil be your allies tends to inflate your sense of self-efficacy. Aaand that tends to lead towards getting socked in the face. Good to see the Virtues get some licks in on somebody other than the Sins. Humans need to be put in their place from time to time or they start getting cocky about being able to make fire. But hey, Labor is kind enough to stop when asked!

Quick Review: Pandorum- It's like one of those Sci Fi Channel Saturday movies that suddenly got blown out of proportion with a big budget. It may have been another decent 45 minute long movie. The characters have a neat way of providing auxiliary power to the ship's systems and that shows they put some thought into at least the engineering. Not as much thought went into the twist ending which exists to be nothing more than a twist ending. It doesn't even really change anything about the plot or what happened in the movie, so it's really just crammed in there. And why is Dennis Quaid in it? He doesn't fit the movie and he's not a great actor, so why choose him? I'd say it's another case of shoehorning in a known actor but how many people really say "Wow Dennis Quaid! I want to see that!"?