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DF26- His Kind Heart No Doubt

This is actually a stealthily major player in the Sins backstory. Chastity has the warrior and has been using him. For what though... The first hint came from Aceena's story where we found that the Warrior died from Labor's sword:

We'd also never seen Labor use his sword in any of the “modern” arcs at this point. The first real mention of his sword was back in Jin's arc when Labor mentions wanting to get it back:

Then shortly after that, Chastity is rather pissed off and mentions that “he” is dead:

A little while later in Alicia's arc, we see that Labor does indeed have his sword back:

Fluffy's arc saw a little mention that Chastity is the one that makes the sealing stones and that she makes them with a substance that's “a lot like blood”:

So, for a mystery introduced about 500 pages ago, we now know where the sealing stones come from and the fate of the Warrior! Chastity has had him pinned down, kept in a state of undeath for thousands of years, in order to use his corpse to make the stones for the Gauntlet. The Gauntlets were made for him to contain the Sins's powers, so the Virtues are using the Gauntlets against the Sins and powering them with the remains of the Warrior, and that's why the Sins get more power when they take one of the stones into their bodies. Of course, this now raises the question of what's going on in modern arcs that allowed the Warrior to finally completely die and what effect that has on all of them. Hmmm... Hmmm!
In your face, Lost! Your magic glowing cave's got nothing on the Virtues!