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DF30- New Besinnings

A wee bit worse than waking up with just a hangover. Sure the migraines are bad, but at least you have your legs afterwards. Unless you reeeaaally drank a lot and something horrific happened. But it's probably not funny to think about that. So, ummm... let's just laugh at Lust for falling down.
That's the end of this flashback. Just a wee taste of the Sins's very first host but we'll have to leave her and her disproportionally huge gauntlet (and hairdo) for another time. Oh the wavy flashback moments we will have.

Long, Ashamed I find Syrup cute Review: Wario Land: Shake It- Shake It is easily the best game with Wario since Wario Land 1, but it suffers from an unfortunate case of "the new Nintendo". Rather than letting the game stand on its own merits, it has to tack on a slew of completely unnecessary waggle that's more tedious than tolerable. It's also nearly impossible to die in any of the regular stages. Not only are they super easy, but almost every enemy in the game gives you a health item if you shake it. The bosses are good in the ideas behind them, but often horrible in practice mainly due to the motion controls and waggle. The last boss is where the game goes from cake walk to just giving you the finger. The battle is really long with no checkpoints (despite the battle having two distinct parts), his attacks are complete trial and error for finding out where/when you can stand/jump, he can only be hit at specific times, and his attacks can continue during his short vulnerability forcing you to go through the sequence all over again. It's an unfulfilling end to an only okay game. The levels mainly all feel the same. Some worlds add a new gimmick but all they boil down to "walk right and shake the controller every ten seconds or so". There's no real reason to fight enemies either. They hardly ever get in your way and it's often quicker to just jump over them since there's no reward for killing them and they just respawn as soon as you change screens. The underwater stages are the worst. They're slow, boring, control poorly, and there's no challenge to them whatsoever. The main selling point is really that the art and animation are fantastic, so now that the game has hit the bargain bin, it's almost worth picking up just to look at it. It's best to find somebody that has the game, check it out for a few minutes to get a feel for how it plays, skip around to see the boss animations, and ignore the rest. Wario's gotten kind of wimpy these past few games what with all this do-goodery, so it's totally time for Captain Syrup to get her own game.
Sins Committed: Motion controls, Boring, Short, Almost no story
Virtues Acted: Good art, Good music, Captain Syrup, just saying