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Posted by Pip

TF1- Bee And Eee Gees

The start of a new arc! This is a short, and hopefully fun, one set in the modern days. And anything that starts with ninjaing, breaking, and entering just has to be good. It even has a glowing gem! Why anybody cares about diamond rings is beyond me. They don't even glow in the dark, pffft.

Not only is it a new arc, but it's a new month, so... make over! Or... wallpaper! Donate moneys, art, stories, or interpretive dances to bask in its wonder.

If there's a stylish evil mustache on a Virtue, that can only mean there's some doo rightery going on as well.

And with the end of a month, we look over amusing search strings that led to the site:
“choose mystery box” - Nobody can resist the mystery box! It's a trick!
“mwf2” - Not so much funny, but pPeople, there are very specific rules about abbreviating names. You can't just choose to start abbreviating Modern Warfare as MWF. It's bad enough that we have multiple “GoW”s and “LttP”s, but there's no reason to have two acronyms for the same thing.