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Posted by Pip

TF2- Waste Not Want Not

The shock of retelling the original Sins's downfall was too much. Lust's brain has fried and she's on the side of the law! Noooo.
This is definitely the cartooniest of the story arcs so far. Some good old Merry Melodies-characters acting silly for the sake of being silly-unrealistic situations. The Sins are good for being flattened by anvils and exploded by giant shiny black bombs and then appearing normal in the next panel. But not to a Droopy level. I can't stand Droopy cartoons.
Hate Droopy so much.

Reader Pazuzu has created a group of Sins characters and a kart for Modnation Racers! I don't have the game yet so I'm not entirely sure how you actually download and use them yourself, but you should probably still do that. For now, you can admire them in static, non-racing picture form:

If you make or see any other Sins mods or creations in any games out there, always send them in for display! Lust is what character creation tools were made for!