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Posted by Pip

TF3- Fair Fight

This seems like a reasonable match up. You don't start something if you're not prepared to finish it. Evil shade versus thief with a snazzy scarf Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! And Lust is clearly too awesome to boot somebody out the front door. You came in through the skylight, you leave through the skylight.

Quick Review: Cold Souls- It has an interesting concept, but in execution it's terribly drawn out. It's not so much that it's dry or boring but there are vast stretches were just nothing happens. There are segments that are dry for the sake of artistry and those are bad enough because it's not particularly well done, but the vast empty fields of nothingness for the sake of nothingness make it a slog. The movie doesn't even stick to its principles. The whole reason he removed his soul was to get control over his emotions and then spends the rest of the movie being emotional. It picks up at the end when there's actually a story but the other hour and a half are only worth it if you have a lot of time to kill.