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Posted by Pip

C4- Smells Like Teen Holy Spirit

At least she got warped to a room that wonít be as crowded as her bedroom. And they gave her more decent clothing to up and cavorting with the unholy demonic spirits of the world.
This is probably also a good time to re-note Sins does not take place on Earth, neo-Earth, or a parallel-Earth. No mocking real religions. Miranda isnít an Alvinian, Krebh, Shikra, Mandu, Hempist, Malikin, or Thonic.
I like Envy, if only for his magic body parts. He has fingers only when he needs them. A nose only when he inhales. Yet he always has those pointy things. Are they ears or horns?

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And ANOTHER Sins cameo. A place where Greed is very much appropriate as well: