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Posted by Pip

TF7- Bring On Ye Olde Forklift

See, told you this would be a cartoony arc. Poor thief lady probably spent more time and money on getting that armor than that jewel is actually worth. But hey, there's a reason Pride is a powerful Sin! Hmm, maybe Lust is just being thoughtful here. Thief lady is too caught up in her own pride to just walk away, thieves are inherently greedy and a little envious, and Lust's annoyance has to be generating some anger! All they need to do is go out for some grub afterward and eat until they fall asleep and all the bases will be covered!

DDG has updated and it's the 100th page! Granted Sins has just a few more under its belt than DDG has, but that seems pretty damned impressive for our little lovable side comic. Thanks to everybody that has kept it going!