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Posted by Pip

TF8- Sintenced To Community Service

Oh it's a sad day when we have to mourn the passing of Lust. She didn't go out in a ball of fire or a massive explosion bolting out lightning and setting small birds and children aflame. She did... community service. The indignity! For two doof guards and some beardo at that. I hope you're happy, Virtues!
I went online to find out the name of those pads you put under furniture to move them and wound up watching a product demonstration for some toilet and the guy just threw a couple of hamburgers into the bowl to show how powerful it was and it kind of looks like the footage was doctored. If that sentence doesn't scream “America”, I don't know what does. The bucket of golf balls wasn't enough, whole hamburgers with buns were the only logical advancement.

As you undoubtedly know because you've been reading it regularly, I've been drawing Spiral's comic Ascension for a few years now. Unfortunately, my schedule is stretched enough that I can no longer regularly do pages for it, so I'm helping Spiral to try to find a new artist.
It's a paying gig, about 4 pages a month, Spiral writes the scripts, fantasy humor comic, more dialogue heavy than action heavy. I'm not sure what kind of style changes Spiral is willing to do or whatnot, but if you're interested and can reliably do four commissioned pages a month for an affordable rate, send him an email!
The comic's site is at: or you can just click that link to the left there.