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AD1- The Secret Ingredients Are Love And Stabbing

Lust found herself with a free sealing stone and lots of spare time after dispatching that thief in the previous story arc, so what better thing to do than to whip up another Rhett! I like writing Lust and Rhett as a couple. They're sweet and best friends but they don't ever get cutesy or in your face about it. You have a strong relationship if you can threaten to knife someone and they still come back at the end of the day. Then again, I grew up with a lot of TV, comics, and video games and a good chunk of the people I know have divorced parents, so my generation's standards are a little wonky in the relationship field.

This is the start of the Sins pages at 800 pixels wide, so let me know if you're having any issues. Really don't think that there are many people out there still using 800x600 resolution because I was one of the hold outs and even I've switched over by now...
And hey, it's update 777, spiff.

Quick Review: Up- Perhaps one of the greater indications that my heart is cold and shriveled is that I could only just barely stand this movie. It's an adventure with endearing characters and whimsy, it's a movie chock full of annoying sidekicks. You have your stereotypical crotchety old man that will undergo a change of heart when the plot needs it the most and he's joined by an annoying little kid that doesn't shut up and has no redeeming values who is partnered with a special bird who is followed by a talking dog. That goes a few too many levels into sidekick over-saturation. It has the most by the books story progression you could imagine. If you gave anybody snippets of the plot, it could give you a pretty close approximation of how the story unfolds, when characters change their stubborn old ways, who gets comeuppance, and who shares a heart warming moment when it all comes together. The villain was the only likable character because he at least had a purpose and was believable.