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Posted by Pip

AD2- Adventure O Clock

All right! Rhett's going to rip off that kid's gauntlet, put it on himself, and relive his glory days of adventuring with the Sins! On second though, he's probably too nice of a guy to do that. He'll probably just manipulate the kid to get revenge on Lust for pulling a knife on him. Teach her to make him do chores!

Quick Review: Space Invaders Extreme 2- This is the first of the SI Extreme games I've played, but it's easily the best reimagining of Space Invaders I've seen. It's practically impossible to play the game without bobbing your head and tapping your foot with how well the sound effects are woven into the music. It would almost feel like a rhythm game if it weren't the completely insane Japanese game show feel to some of the levels. One minute you're playing regular Space Invaders and the next you have a giant laser beam and you have to bounce the regular Invaders into one super Invader to harm it before it explodes into brightly colored score chips and you activate Fever Time where some Japanese girl starts shouting at you. It's all incredibly stressful, but it's still random fun. This game is the reason we have to sit through warnings about the possibility of epileptic seizures in every game. It's a mass of bright flashing colors, sounds, and chaos. With everything going on, it can be hard to see the enemies' shots leading to some cheap deaths, but if all you want to do is rock out to the game and have fun, you can just set it on easy and get unlimited lives.