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Posted by Pip

AD4- They Were Rich In Peg Legs and Parrots

Heartwarming moment and then BAM! The loveability is destroyed by pickpocketing. As soon as Rhett finds his wallet missing, that kid is just begging for some cartoonish and therefore fully acceptable punishment. Ah heck, that's probably not going to happen either. The kid recognizes the awesomeness that is pirates, so she has some moxy. Maybe even zest!
Spellcheck doesn't recognize “moxy”. Nuts to you, spellcheck.

To celebrate our fine new month, we have a new donation incentive wallpaper!

The Sins turn to the side of justice! And everybody knows that the combination of mirrored sunglasses and a fancy 'stache improve a detective's ability to dole out justice by 74%. That's science. Cold, hard, jumping through a plate glass window to escape an explosion science.

And of course last month left us with some interesting searches that led to Sins:
“how to make batman gadgets” - If I find out there are people with Batarangs walking around and nobody offered me one, I am going to be so pissed.
“kool aid bonus points” - We totally used to collect thee points and the catalogues. We rarely ever actually drank Kool Aid so there was no way we could ever order something with them, but there was always an envelope with those points in the kitchen drawer.
“c4 smell” - My guess is a bouquet of plastic and explodey.