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Posted by Pip

AD5-The More You Know

Rhett's already shaping up to be the greatest Big Brother ever. Sure they may want you to actually teach the kids helpful skills, studying, or take them to educational facilities, but social niceties be danged! Rhett's going to impart some useful information! What would you rather do: go to the movies or learn how to sell organs on the black market and not get ripped off in a buyer's market?

I put together another game and it's another Murd-y one! That guy shows up a lot in my homemade games, hmmm...
It's a simple puzzle game with a golem-based bent to it, so that's something you don't see in your typical match three game. In your face, Bejeweled! Why aren't YOU raising the dead? All the instructions are in the game, but if you have any questions, find any bugs, etc, just post them here or shoot me an email.

Send in your high scores from Infinity Mode and I'll post them!

Download it at:

Or it's conveniently located on the Swag page.