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AD6- She Means Candies

Well you cooouuuld eat that. It's just generally frowned upon in polite company. Except it you're Gluttony. She got away with that just fine and Rhett seems like a hmm, acceptably balanced human being.
Oh Lust, have your years of being around hosts meant nothing? EVERY child loves cake. That's just a given. Unless that was just an ingenious test to see if she was crazy or not. Touche. Addy has no idea what she's getting into.
It was hard thinking of a desert that wouldn't be anachronistic and not have a double entendre for the title. We all know what she means when she says it in the comic itself, but I didn't want the title to sound dirty. Desserts, you're perverted.

Long, Malpractice Review: Trauma Center 2- It's basically the same game as the first one. It's a great game when you're actually doing medical procedures, but the minute they introduce the sci-fi magical tumors, it's groan worthy and becomes a chore. It's still very soap opera-y, too. The dialogue is cheesy and there's just so much of it. You could probably cut out half of everybody's lines and not miss anything. A lot of the drama is so forced and downright stupid if you bother to look at it for more than a few seconds. One of the main plots is that Derek's skills have made him famous. The hospital tries to cash in on this and puts him on TV (Derek has absolutely no say in this), a major company synergizes with the hospital to use Derek (with absolutely no input from Derek and it was hospital mandated), business lady tries to woo Derek from the hospital to work for a company (Derek turns down a massive pay increase and refuses to leave the hospital so he can continue to help people), and then when one of Derek's patients dies (99.99% NOT Derek's fault and you can't prevent it), everybody treats Derek like crap and yells at him for selling out for fame. I mean, what the hell? He's the nicest, least selfish famous guy around that sacrifices a cushy job to help people and everybody still treats him like garbage and freaks out on him? For good and bad, the gameplay is exactly the same as the first one. None of the problems have been fixed but since there's nothing new, there aren't any new issues. The missions will occasionally throw a different method of acting at you but not explain what to do and logic doesn't really apply in this series. In every previous level, you have to swipe the stylus to make a cut, but in one particular area, you have to hold the stylus down to cut something. The game doesn't tell you this unless you stop paying attention to the patient while the timer is running, its health is decreasing, and new tumors are forming to look at the top screen and read what the nurse who never really has anything useful to say is telling you. And there's no reason for the change in how you cut. The game doesn't explain why you have to act differently now and there's no logic to it from the characters' points of view either. I gave up towards the end of the game, not because it was hard, but just because I was sick of it and got to a really stupid mission. You have to perform four "operations" in a row and if you make a single mistake, you fail and have to do them all over again. They're four completely distinct tasks each separated by a dialogue sequence, but nobody had the sense to stick a checkpoint in there. To make matters worse, the pins you have to pull randomly light up and if you so much as touch one when it's lit, that's a failure. I got all the way to the end and in the process of tapping the pin, it turned on and I got a game over. After that I just quit. It wasn't worth doing that garbage again.
Sins Committed: Bad characters, Bad story, Bad dialogue, False difficulty
Virtues Acted: Taking a scalpel to annoying anime characters?