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Posted by Pip

AD7- Kill No Lock In The Basement Maybe

If you ask, they have to answer honestly. It's like in movies how everybody always asks the undercover agent if he's a narc. Fairy tale child eaters totally work on the same principal. Hansel and Gretel could have saved themselves so much trouble if they just spoke up.
After all these years of looking after hosts, the Sins must have a treasure trove of old kids' junk. Greed probably has more Big Wheels and pogo sticks than he knows what to do with. Good thing nobody ever wears anything fashionable or it would all be out of style by now.

The time line in the forum now has the letter codes used in the archive matched with the arc titles so if you're looking for some old comics but can't remember any titles, you now have a handy resource.

Another batch of the Dutch translations have been posted in the gallery too so it's practically caught up once more.