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AD8- Hugs Hurt And Heal

And that, my younger readers, is where babies come from. Forget all that stork nonsense, your parents found you in an alley while doing errands and decided you weren't there to enslave them and were kind of cute, so they kept you. Just go with that. It's a lot nicer and more hygienic than how it really goes down.
Lust has talked about wanting kids and a real family from the beginning, and it only took 800 pages or so for it to happen! Adoptions works, people! All the joy of loving a little human and corrupting it on your own with none of the gut wrenching horrors that pregnancy wracks on your body. Just think of how much they saved by skipping Lamaze classes!

I wanted the title to reference the quote from Raising Arizona where Ed freaks out over the baby needing its shots, but I couldn't find the line. My Google Fu was weak on this one. There's a freaking magazine called “Raising Arizona” that was screwing it all up!

Quick Review: Toy Story 3- If for some reason you're struggling with teaching your children about caste systems and how to accept death, this is the movie for you. TS3 is one of the few movies made better after watching the previews before it. The utter crap that's on the way for kids' movies makes you shudder. On the actual movie front, they didn't introduce any real new characters on the good guy side, so major kudos to the team for that choice. Unfortunately (and at a minor risk of spoilers), the bad guy is just a reskinned version of Stinky Pete. They're practically the same character so you're stuck a "seen it already" vibe for chunks of the movie, but its strengths get you through these bits. While I would have preferred they stuck with the downer ending, I can accept the ending that's present as long as they never make another Toy Story movie. If (When) they make another one, it will completely ruin the entire movie's message, but for now, it's a nice ending that wraps everything up and means something. If you haven't been pleased with the latest Pixar movies (I'd say Incredibles was the last good Pixar flick), Toy Story 3 definitely turns things around. The short before the movie, Day and Night, was a real letdown though. It's neat from a technical art and sound level, but it wears thin quickly and the ending is... odd to be nice.

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Wednesday Update Time

Hey Slapeggs, Wednesday's comic may go up a bit later than usual. My Internet service is down at home, so we're at Comcast's whims here. If they're competent, the comic will go up at the regular time. If they're anything like every other encounter I've had with them, I'll upload the page from work Wednesday morning PST.