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Posted by Pip

AD9- Not A Doll An Action Figure

For all Lust's centuries of dealing with kids and all her wanting of one of her own, she's still pretty clueless when it comes down to what to actually do and what's normal. Ad's butleryguard would be rather upset.

So after way too much time dealing with one of the most godawful automated menus, Internet still isn't fixed at home. You have to give your information and describe the problem four times before somebody can actually help you. Four times! They said the modem is probably busted so I have to go after work to swap that out and then call them back for yet another trip through those menus. I had one guy outright lie to me, one guy be generally clueless, one lady that was actually nice but I was forwarded to the wrong department so I didn't get to actually deal with her, and while checking the status of the network in the area, they proudly said that "only" five people in the neighborhood had modems that weren't working. That's not really something to be proud of. That means you make crappy modems.