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AD10- No Fun In That

Where's the adventure in having non-evil friends? It's hard to deal with the regular townsfolk when you're nigh-immortal, all mighty, and fairly evil yourself. Pool parties just aren't the same after you've had a rumble with Death.
Lust and Rhett are apparently very easily manipulatable parents.

As you can see, I have Internet access once more! Hey Comcast, what's the easiest way to tell your company is poorly run? The customer service line literally stretches out the door. As lousy as it is to spend 45 minutes standing in line just to switch out a single piece of hardware, it's fantastic watching society fall apart over time. Everybody is nice to that old guy when he first shows up but the second he tries to cut in line, BAM! He's a pariah until a new person shows up and tries to cut in line and then everybody, even the old guy, scorns him. Got home, hooked up the new modem, had to call customer service and deal with their menus again to get them to activate the unit, and... they couldn't do it. Spent probably another 45 minutes with the guy on the phone trying things and constantly plugging and unplugging various wires. They eventually had to send a tech, I had to leave work early to meet him, and then he fixes the problem in about ten minutes and we were on our way. Ugh.