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Posted by Pip

AD11- Out Of Network Doctor

The flame-breathing snake-tailed demon whipping around the corner isn't really one of those things you want to be the first thing your patient sees. It's best to wait until the paperwork has been filled out and you have their insurance card before you start summoning the dark beings. At least Murd has the rightful fear of Lust. Beats the heck out of the threat of malpractice suits.

DDG has updated as well. But all of them probably don't have the insurance to see a good doctor like Murd. The premiums are super high when you're dead.

Soul of Darkness (DS version)- SoD is a total and shameless rip-off of Castlevania but it doesn't shy away from it, it flaunts the similarity. Instead of Richter, you have Ritter. Enemies are just traced over SotN characters. And I'm 99% sure that the icon is stolen without any editing from a CV game. However, when you get down to, Castlevania is awesome, so even knock-off Castlevania is good too. It's set up like Ecclesia with distinct levels rather than the Metroidvania with one big area, but it's closer to the original games in that there's none of the grinding, farming items, farming souls, and quests for villagers that have plagued the most recent CV games. It doesn't do much to go beyond its cellphone roots though. It' slow, your character only sometimes jumps from the edge of platforms, there are only two weapons and you get them right in the first few levels, there's a section in one of the first levels where you can cheaply grind experience and max out all your powers in a few minutes, and it's really short (a hard mode does unlock after beating it, but I couldn't see any real difference between hard and normal), but it's still only five bucks so if you're a CV fan, it's worth it. Only 5 of the 11 levels actually have bosses, and again, two of them are right up front and then there's a long stretch without them but then it crams the last 3 right at the end. Space things out! The only added functionality for the DS is the silly camera booths like in the Castle of Magic port. They're even more pointless in this one because the rewards are useless. Magic automatically refills itself, so you don't need the magic bonus, you'll have tens of thousands of extra experience you can spend on anything once you max out your powers, so you don't need the experience bonus, and there's no penalty for dying and checkpoints are frequent, so you don't need the health bonus. It's easily one of the best cellphone games I've played and it makes for a pretty good DS game, so for the low price, I'd give it a recommendation.