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AD14- He Uses The Thickest Gloves He Can Find

I like the idea of a young Murd being afraid of monsters. They live in a world full of beasts, he's going to grow up into a guy that surrounds himself with demons and is actually kind of nonplussed by that, and his best friend and babysitter is one of said monsters.
Murdoch and Rhett have a very odd relationship. On the one hand, they're practically brothers. They're both semi-immortal, hang out together thanks to Lust, and are some of the only friends each other has. On the other hand, Murd is paid to make Rhett, Rhett owes his existence to a business transaction, and Murdoch not only know what Rhett looks like nekkid, but Murd has to BUILD what Rhett looks like nekkid. Maybe he makes Slander do that. When she's not eating children, of course.

Quick Review: Inception- Inception is a hard film to pin down, but after seeing it, it has some of the worst trailers that don't even remotely do how grand the movie is some justice. They're are some fantastic special effects but they're almost purely for atmosphere rather than having the plot revolve around them. You get the feeling that the fight scenes are actually intelligent and make the most of the world it sets up. All the characters are well done from the main cast to even side players and the story is solid enough that it allows you to forget how silly the premise could have been. You know it's a movie worth watching where even the last few seconds matter.