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AD17- Dogs Love Squeaky Toys Too

Consider that your dating advice from the guy that's married to the embodiment of all things hotness. The way to a woman's heart is through orphans. Collect enough of those and you're set! If that doesn't work, you may need to save the world, die, and be resurrected first to truly follow in Rhett's footsteps. If it doooeees work, you TOTALLY owe me. Click that donation link and do it now. It may also lead to really odd pillow talk quantifying the oddness of your friends though. Ain't that always the way though.

And it's a new month, so it's a new wallpaper!

9 classes, pfft. Total Overkill! You only need two: Sin and Virtue! Although when a company finally deems it proper to throw wads of cash at me to start making Sins games and it grows into the inevitable MMO version, I'd have three classes: Sin, Host, and Vice. Better immersion that way.
And for those woefully not in the know. Parody o' this:

It's also time to look over the humorous searches that somehow led to Sins last month:
“manga detached head” - Remember DeCap Attack? That game was awful and yet totally awesome at the same time. Great music too.
“require reassurance” - Your hair looks nice today. You look good in those pants. That's a good color on you. Your coworkers are just jealous of you.