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AD19- Roooaaad Trip

They don't pack supplies, but that also means that they don't make rest stops. Drink that juice box knowing you're going to have to hold it in for eternity, kiddo. Lust and Rhett's practically belies their totally normal and not even remotely hinted at supernaturality. Addison clearly has psychic powers if she can pick up on the fact that Lust and Rhett aren't like the other members of the PTA.
I figure that the rules for golems dictate that Rhett wouldn't have to eat outside of pleasure but he'd probably need to hydrate to keep the body in shape and all that science goo pumping or else he'd dry up and the body would degrade quicker. Seems like a perfectly natural law for the undead inhabiting a fake body.

Quick Review: BlazyBloo- No skirting around the issue, BlazyBloo is a cheap game, quality, content, and price-wise all around. The battles are really fast (the longest is a minute and that's dictated by a timer) but it does have some fun modes. In addition to just regular fights, there's a point mode (coin battle from Smash Brothers), capture the flag (be the one holding an item at the end of the match), and variations on them (like one where you're poisoned or you go against certain characters souped up) and there are minor interactive elements to stages (wind, lasers from space, trapdoors). The Flag mode is definitely the worst. You can have the flag for the first 59 seconds of the match, but if the computers get a lucky shot in at the last second and steal the flag, they win. Also, even if you're the one that knocks the flag holder out, you don't necessarily get the flag. I've beaten one AI in the last few seconds and then the game just gives the flag to another AI character and I lost. Lots of luck is required for most modes, especially point gathering. With one character I barely won by ten points and with another character I won with 213 points vs 0, 0, and 0 for the AI players or the final boss can counter your hits, not take stun from combos, and decimate you in three hits or you'll mop the floor with him while he wanders around. The computer is universally fairly stupid. The final boss usually ends the battle by jumping out of the ring and killing himself, the AI always fights even if it's not in anybody's interest, and they'll beat on the person in last place and ignore the frontrunner depending on who is closer, but they always pick on you and make it 3 against 1. There are five characters and only four play each round, yet the game will still have duplicate characters in a match so that makes the whole package even more repetitive. Characters aren't very balanced either, despite there only being five. Noel sucks. She's weak, has bad range (she fights with guns but doesn't fire them...) while the two swordsmen have huge weapons, the cat girl is great for pushing people out of the ring, and the demon girl at least has a huge area of attack. The game is only ten minutes long but the credits (which you can't skip) are several minutes long and you're forced to watch them every single time you beat the last boss. It's not even remotely close to dethroning Power Stone as the greatest fighting game ever made, but it skirts that PS vibe and will tide you over for an hour or two if you're willing to accept that the game is just dumb fun and only five bucks.