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Posted by Pip

AD22- Ladies Glob

Okay, so maybe I played up the suspense a little more than it warrants to occupy your minds with something other than the Jin and Chastity mysteries. Or depending on who you side with here, this could be the greatest betrayal known to Sin or man. Sloth is all about the ladies. Buddying up to any cute lass with a parrot-free shoulder and a love of all things anthropomorphic goo. Lust can't help but feel a little hurt by Sloth jumping sin. Then again, maybe Sloth just gets lonely when Lust has Rhett around and our favorite blob sought out a shoulder to meh upon. Oh it's all so tangled, emotional, and confusing. Maybe we can get started on producing the world's first soap opera starring a non-Newtonian fluid. Then again, Pride can't decipher Sloth so she clearly isn't half the woman Lust is.

Next week will have our 800th update! I have a simple something to post for it so stay tuned!