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Posted by Pip

Not An Alice or Queen In Sight

Ha-HA! You thought you were going to get to see Fortune again, but no! Like I said, the sagas arenít always in chronological order. Unless this is post-Fortune and Rhett-era Anger is back in businessÖ Which I could very well do because Iím mean like that.

Bear with the site a bit as things are moved around. You may have noticed that the news is missing, pages are missing, or pages look distorted in the archives. Weíre in the process of switching over to a new script and that unfortunately requires everything gets uploaded all over again and itís a boring process. But everything from the Aska saga is up just sans news and the Tarot saga will be a snap to upload. Once everything is done, no more screwed up back and forward buttons! Hurrah and thanks to the mighty Dave. I donít know if it will be possible to get the Spanish comics on a new script though, but weíll see.