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Posted by Pip

AD24- Totally Not Magic

It's good to be in the service industry. Pride gets to secretly keep tabs on the whole team. She's all up in everybody's business! Or she's buying/selling illicit substances to pirates. All perfectly good options.
Sloth, the cause of and solution to all inter-Sin conflict and drama. Better for keeping a kid quiet than juice boxes, those books where you color with invisible ink, and those magnetic boards where you use the wand to move the magnetic dust to make a weird or wacky hairstyles.

In honor of Sins Venials reaching its 800th page, it's time for another barely-animated animated feature! There are two different versions to pick. The first, I did myself so the voice work isn't so hot. After showing that to a friend, he hooked me up with a voice actress he knows, but her mic wasn't great and there's some noise and pops in her version. Special thanks to Lizzy, Lunesar, soon to be fan baby Lunacy, and Jordan for their help. Pick your poison and head over to our Youtube channel for the full credits and to watch them: