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AD27- Hopefully Just About Counting Cards

Yep, Addy is going to be toooootally messed up by the time she hits adulthood. At least Rhett sees the situation for what it is. Greed was practically a brother/uncle/male authority figure on Rhett's travel and saw the kid grow up, take over the farm, and marry his sweetheart. And now? Now, Greed is spilling out of a tube top and warping the mind of another little kid. Thank goodness Envy isn't here to see it.
No, really, thank goodness. That wouldn't be a pretty situation.

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Quick Reviews: GTA 4: Episodes From Liberty City: Ballad of Gay Tony- From the get-go, Ballad is the opposite of Lost. The characters are funny and likeable, the dialogue is good, and there's a story. Tony was pretty much a flaming stereotype when he showed up in Lost, but they really turned him around for the follow-up. What's the world coming to when Rockstar, home of some of the most childish and immature writers out there, is the company that create the interesting, well-rounded gay character? The weapons, missions, and vehicles you get are more fun than what's in Lost but the cars still completely spin out of control if you so just as look at them wrong and the helicopters are unforgivably bad. Every GTA game has that one mission that's game-breakingly bad and for Episodes, it's in the Ballad half. You have to race a car that controls worse than they normally do through a small alleyway that's open to water on one side and if you touch ANYTHING, you'll spin out or flip into the water (seriously, a piece of wood and a tire on the side of the road have made me lose that mission) and then you have to do a series of jumps off boats that you can't see well during. There aren't any checkpoints so after eight times of failing this mission for BS reasons, I just gave up, but then the game stopped giving me missions so I had to go back and do it. The "secret" is to completely ignore the mission, cops, and dialogue and take the course really slowly up until the last jumps. The game's subtitles are riddled with grammatical errors, missing words, and really blatant errors. There are sentences that aren't even capitalized! Ballad ends a lot better than Lost and is more of a good end to GTA 4 as a whole. Nico's story was somebody with nothing that rose up through the ranks and wound up in the middle, Lost was guys that started with nothing and ended up with nothing, and Ballad was guys that started with something and ended a little better than in the middle.