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Posted by Pip

AD30- Maybe She Has Had Practice

Adventuring is to be respected in all its majesty and wonder. At least until dinner is ready. No wonder Addy wanted to go after Gluttony; the kid is such a mooch!
A small callback to something I'm not 100% sure has showed up in the comic before. Anger's seasickness was shown in one of the wallpapers but I can't really remember if it was in a regular comic. Hey, he's very dog-like and dogs and moving vehicles generally don't match. He's just lucky their world doesn't have vans to try to stand up in.

It's a new month and it's September so we continue the fine tradition of having the donation reward wallpaper be school related to mock/celebrate those of you suiting up in your backpacks and trudging back to class if you haven't already done so. At least you bums get summer off. Wait until you get a job and then every federal holiday will feel like mana from the heavens! Oh, and it's science class for the wallpaper this year.

And our selection of the amusing web searches that somehow led to Sins last month are:
“monkey fist” which is only funny because it was immediately followed on the list by “groin kick”- The two together sound like some martial arts sequence. The deadliest kata of them all!
“fire extinguisher comics” - Is there reeeaaally a demand for that?
“angry at the mailman” - Doesn't really need much explanation, does it?

Stay tuned for the next update. I have a non-Sins projects to reveal! Ooooh.