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Posted by Pip

AD31- It Shoots Lasers And Has A Fog Machine

I liked the idea that there are unwritten rules in where the Sins go in-between hosts or what they possess. They all know the rest of the team will have to hunt them down, and there are some places that you just don't go due to the hassle. Such as say... deep underwater. Gluttony being new (and maybe with a touch of selfishness) doesn't know these rules and has struck off on her own. The Universe is just lucky that Lust isn't lazy! Or that she likes making kids happy. Of course the Universe has to pay for that luck. You don't know what you're missing out on with that bikini. Whoa.

I've been working on a non-Sins project between comics (blasphemy, I know) and it's finally done! After becoming tired with the lies and propaganda of the various zombie books out there, I wrote a response. The Zommunist Manifesto: A Zombie's Guide to Human Combat. A 60-page manual on how to defeat the human scourge, strategies for staying undead, and how world conquest can work for you.
You can buy a regular copy of the manual from Lulu (and read a preview chapter), the download is only $2, or... we're offering you, yes you, the chance to get a digital copy of it for free! For the rest of this month, send in a new piece of horror-themed Sins fan art and I'll email you a PDF version of the book. There are a few caveats though. It has to be a new picture, you can't just resubmit something you've already done. It has to be no more than PG-13 (nothing over-the-top gory or naked teens getting it on before a hockey masked Sloth cleaves them in twain). The offer only stands for this September. And finally, put some effort into the picture, please. No taking a snapshot of a pencil doodle you did on scratch paper.
For the free copy, email your picture to me at
To read the preview or to buy a copy, go to the Lulu page at: