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AD35- Better Than Stomach Staples

Ouch. When Lust gets cheesed, she finds fun ways to use pointy objects. At least with the Gluttonies it's not necessary to kill off the host bodies. You just have to find creative ways to put them on a diet. An anchor locking its mouth shut being one of the more severe diet methods. But really, nobody likes eating healthy and exercising.

Long, Haven't I done this already Review: Ghostbusters (Wii)- Do not buy this game! It has serious bugs that can prevent you from beating some levels! It took me five attempts to beat one stage because the first four times I tried to walk through a door, my character got pushed through the stage and just fell forever. Since it never died, I couldn't hop back to the checkpoint, so I had to restart the stage from scratch every time AND there's a lengthy unskippable dialogue sequence at the start. I checked online and GameFAQs had several topics with people asking how to get around the glitch, so it's rather suspicious that this wasn't found and corrected in testing. One guy said he got through by turning off all the subtitles and in-game messages but that didn't work for me. Somebody else said that he could only do it if he walked through that door while wearing the PKE goggles and that finally did the trick. My character still got pushed out of the stage but this time it got sucked back in a second later. This is not quality game-making.
If you're still going to jump in, it's a decent game but severely lacking in polish. The subtitles don't match the dialogue at several times but the subtitles also include the "bad words" that are muted in the spoken dialogue. Like in one scene, Winston says "damn" and it's written in the subtitles but the spoken dialogue mutes when he gets to that point. There are instances of that through the game but the funniest is when Pete calls Peck "Pecker" and while they said it several times in the movies and it's there in the subtitles, they mute Pete's voice. Even if you play the female character, they always refer to you as “he”. There are typos in the Spirit Guide quotes. Your character is oddly bigger than the NPCs. The graphics are chock full of artifacts and jaggies. Parts of stages will pop in or objects won't load (one stage had Peter load without his gun but he still animated like he had it and would fire proton streams out of the nothing he was holding. The changes to the controls to accommodate the waggle and flailing sound kind of neat on paper but would have just been more fun with a regular controller. The frantic waving of the remote makes you lose your hold on ghosts often. You have to swing the remote to slam them into objects to weaken them, but if the remote goes off the screen, you automatically let them go. You have to make tiny, hard, and quick motions for the game to register them but not to have the remote leave the sensor. Compared to the other versions, the Wii iteration is pretty cut down. The environments are a lot smaller and missions are shorter and missing a lot of scenarios (in the first stage, the Sedgewick never floods, you don't fight Stay-Puft in the streets, etc), boss battles are simplified (especially the Collector, he's a piece of cake in this one), there are fewer enemies in the levels, and there are fewer types of enemies. The slime tethers have been removed and you can't upgrade your tools so there's less of a feeling of progression and you miss out on having fun with the tethers. The only real change for the better is the other Ghostbusters. They do fight better and almost never die unless you leave them alone, but they won't capture ghosts (they'll drain all the ghost's energy but you're the one that has to trap it). Against the Collector, Ray and Egon actually stood back to back and were constantly reviving each other if one went down. I don't know if I just got lucky there, but you don't have to babysit them like in the PS3 version. You earn some decent unlocks by getting all the entries for Tobin's Guide, but by the time you earn them, they're pretty useless. You can unlock weapons that don't overheat and invincibility but to get them you have to collect every single item and beat the game, but once you've done that, what's left to do? The PS3/Xbox versions have a decent amount of immersion to them because the Rookie is a part of the story even though he's silent. For the Wii version, the gang mugs to the camera a lot, it talks to you as a player rather than talking to your character, and your Rookie is frequently in the far, far, faaar background during cutscenes, and the characters rarely acknowledge that it even exists. All this makes it feel like you're watching a TV episode rather than being actively engaged in the world and story. If you have the opportunity, ignore the Wii version and just play the vastly superior PS3/Xbox versions.
Sins Committed: Buggy, Lack of polish, Bad controls
Virtues Acted: Good character designs, Good story (same as PS3/Xbox), It's Ghostbusters dammit!