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Posted by Pip

AD36- The Superest Of Friends

Just because nobody wanted to help Lust doesn't mean that they aren't willing to leech off her credit for giant sea monster fishing. Gluttony is worth at least a trophy or two in a local contest. And if she's not heavy enough, well I'm sure she'd be willing to drain a few whales to up her weight. Sloth demands more trophies for its collection! Look at it perched on Rhett's shoulder. Plotting...

Just got the bill from the server hosting company, so we're all paid up and Sins is in business for another year! Wouldn't want to abandon the poor Grarlgfish mid-story. Oh, and all those other human and Sin side-characters.

Probably behind the Internet times but I just found out about Hostess GloBalls. Sure “Flash Cakes” are funny, but taking those SnoBalls, making them neon green, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK neon green, and pairing them up with the Green Lantern... I think I'm geeking out enough to ignore the nutrition label and try them.