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Posted by Pip

AD38- Consult Your Doctor Before Hugs

Awww, Lust does have a heart from time to time. Addy though. That could be a totally passive-aggressive way of calling Rhett a wuss again. That kid... Have to keep an eye on her. Gluttony is at least honest. This whole golem trend is bad business for her. Science goo isn't quite as tasty as real blood.
I rewrote Rhett's line half a dozen times but went back to “you broke my face” in the end. There's just something about that line that appeals to me. The humor of it. I don't have any resentment towards Rhett nor do I desire to break his face.

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Quick Review: Mystery Team- Members of half of NBC's lineup appear in the movie. Community, SNL, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec are all represented with actors and I'm pretty sure Matt Walsh has to be on some kind of show these days. Okay, that's not really “half” of NBC's lineup but it constitutes the only watchable part of NBC's lineup. For the movie itself, the premise is funny but they push it too far by making the characters idiots. If it was played straight, it would have been really funny. As it is, it's a bit too grating and a bit too long so it's really only worth it for the cameos or if you're already a fan of Derrick Comedy. It probably won't win over any newcomers though.