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Posted by Pip

AD39- Call The Bureau Of Lost Boats

I like the hosts that are unjustifiably gung-ho. Addison has never seen Joy before, doesn't know anything about her, and would get rocked in a fight, but Addy is so ready to kick Joy's ass. Just look at the squirt. Joy's shins have no idea what kind of kicking they're in for. Assuming Greed doesn't get to strike first.
A little fun role reversal here. Normally it's the Sins interrupted by hosts losing free time and having the crazy parties, but even the Virtues like to kick back and relax. Is Joy not entitled to chilling out with her very own kick butt scepter flask no doubt filled with some really, really strong booze?

Quick Review: The Princess and the Frog- It's good to see Disney get back to a decent form but aside from the aesthetics, the movie is pretty lacking. There's a lot of nice animation, good character deigns, some decidedly un-Disney jokes, and a decent message for once (it opts for the “get off your butt and work for the things you want” theme over “magic is great and will make you happy”) but the story and characters are uninteresting and it quickly devolves into a string of chase sequences. The more Disney movies are grounded in reality, the less interesting they are. I don't need to go to the movies to see a frazzled waitress toiling away, I can go up the street and see that. She's not a mermaid, she's not hanging out with magical woodland creatures, she's not a street-wise thief with a monkey sidekick; she's just... a regular boring human. The bad guy is the most interesting one in the lot and I even watched his musical numbers. He's a good character, has great designs and a kickbutt voice actor, and lends himself to some fantastic colors and animation. Uuuunfortunately, he's absent for 3/4 of the movie and meets with a rather unsatisfying end. So basically, it's pretty to look at, has one great character, and is a step in the right direction but would only have been a good movie if it was a completely different movie.