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Posted by Pip

AD43- Virtue Season Tarot Season

And so, Lust sent wave after wave of Sins at the dread killbot Tarot. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but this sure won't do wonders for Anger's self-esteem. Being thrown at the baddie to wear it down while Joy gets to jump in and get the credit. Judging by the distance between the two, Anger even went in before the invincible Sloth! Then again, Chariot doesn't have much to celebrate either. Getting stabbed is one thing. Getting stabbed in a bad setup out of Looney Tunes is something you lie about on your report back home.

It's a new month and since it's the awesome month of October, the donation wallpaper involves another crossover with our favorite dead folks!

And at the end of the month we have our humorous searches that somehow led to the site:
“blank comic pages pages” - People found me by searching for the most boring comic ever. Hmmm.
“getting anger out” - Which was then naturally followed by...
“concern for others” - Also known as “felling guilty after you got your anger out”
“animated sad kid” - What is wrong with you, Internet?! Are static images of sad kids just not cutting it these days?

Stay tuned for Monday when we roll out a new site event! Build up your hype over the weekend! Megaton!