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Posted by Pip

C9- Sin Helps Those That Help Themselves

Man, I had a hard time thinking of a non-blasphemous title for this page. Still kind of there, but a lot less damning than the others I was considering. I was going to go with the good ol’ Eek the Cat “It never hurts to help” but typing a lisp just doesn’t look nice.

Watched a few rather different movies today. I was hoping Spider-Man 1 would be a lot better the second time I saw it, but I think I actually hated it more this time. About Schmidt, jeez! If you’ve ever doubted your self-worth, felt minor depression, or wondered if your life was going anywhere, do NOT watch this movie as it will just send you into an inescapable void of sadness. Finally, and yes I knew it would be horrible before watching it but since I didn’t pay for it I was willing to go ahead with it (in your face, Anderson!) Resident Evil: Apocalypse. If they just didn’t make Alice God in a skimpy outfit, the movie would have been a helluva lot better. Although it was plenty enjoyable to see a giant CIBC building in the middle of Raccoon City.