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Posted by Pip

AD44- Imposters House For Unreal Acquaintances

This arc is all about adoption! Lust and Rhett picked up a kid and now Addy wants to pick up a pair of demon... bunny cat... things. Those of you keeping up with the games should recognize these two from the beach stage in Murdoch Just Wants to Relax.
I drew these two a long while ago (I think pre-O Sins) but I could never figure out what to do with them. They were originally going to be Vices when I started Venials but there's something about them that screams “villain” to me so they fit better on Tarot side (they're Sun and Moon for those keeping score at home). They were even mentioned in the page Jimmie illustrated for us a while back if you had your ears open (JB1 in the archive).

You may have noticed that the TWC voting image has been updated again and I'm swallowing my pride on it. After five years, we've maintained a respectable TWC rank based solely on the merits of the comic, but it could be a heck of a lot higher and we're being beaten by some lousy comics, so I'm joining the bandwagon and offering voting incentives now. Every week there will be a new image or mini-comic exclusive to the TWC voting page. Just vote and you get to see it! Nothing will be story-based, so if you decide you're totally mean and don't vote for us, you won't be missing out on anything but fun extras and the sense that you're a complete human being. You can vote daily but the image should change every Monday if all goes according to plan. I'll likely mention it in the comic notes when it changes. The first one is up now and was born of a heat wave in freaking fall. Damn weather.