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Posted by Pip

AD46- Just Stick A Bandaid On It

See, for all those people predicting that horrible things were in store for Addy when she joined the family, you were totally wrong! Horrible, horrible things are just going to happen to Rhett instead! And Gluttony. Poor girl had to suck up their icky blood.
Joy is a bit too quick to jump to dismissive derision. Just because it's a cuddly little monster that doesn't mean it can't be evil. Look at Sloth. Or all the bunny Vices. Both of them have beaten up Labor!

A new DDG went up earlier in the week and I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it on Wednesday, so go look at it! Or look at it again and pretend you didn't see it before!

A new Ascension banner is up on the links page. Look at it, use it, bask in the new artistness.

Wayforward posted a fan art picture I drew for Shantae. Yaaay! I posted it in the gallery here or you can see it on their Facebook page. And then you should tell them to make a Sins game. Shantae is awesome, the Sins are awesome, Matt Bozon is awesome, I'm tolerable. It's a perfect match!