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Posted by Pip

AD47- Shrink Ray

The lady loves her job when she has something genuinely joyful to be joyous about. And when it's practical too! She's not just performing side of the road amputations for the heck of it, she's doing it because she cares, dangit! Secretly, she knows that the Tarot toxins will actually give Rhett superpowers so that's why she's quick to want to lop his arm off. Devious when you think about it.

The TWC vote incentive picture has been changed for the new week! The different skits are going to reoccur, so later on you'll see a different “Sins Explain...” like last week's or a different “Whatever Happened To...” like this week's. I have a bunch of different ideas for themes so nothing should be repeated too often and the images themselves won't repeat.

Quick Review: Batman: Under the Red Hood- Another solid DC DTV movie. It had a good story hitting on a theme that's always bugged the heck out of me for superhero comics (Batman in particular), nice animation, lots of good fight sequences, and it doesn't waste any time setting up the characters or backstories. It even assumes that you know who Ra's al Ghul and Black Mask are, which is a nice change of pace from the usual “spend 15 minutes explaining the character” superhero movies tend to fall into when made for a general audience. The main problem is the voice cast. They're not bad per se but everybody seems to be doing an imitation of the cast you'd expect. They didn't get Kevin Conroy to do Bats (booooo) but it sounds like all the direction they gave to Bruce Greenwood was to sound as much like Conroy as possible. And I love me some John Di Maggio, but it sounds like he's doing his damndest to channel Mark Hamill. Just... Hamill that occasionally slips into Bender from time to time. I wasn't a big fan of the "The Batman" show but they at least went their own way with the voices. They didn't try to copy Hamill's Joker and Kevin Michael Richardson did a fine job of making the role his own. Those were extraordinarily nerdy sentences to write, I know. It's more jarring and worth a petty ramble because the character models are based on the TV show characters, just made pretty for the movie. You see that Batman and you expect a certain voice to come out of its mouth.