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Posted by Pip

AD49- Loose Seal

And that's why you always leave a note.
Part of me wanted to just leave that as the only text for this update, but nay! I have dedication! At the very least, Addy got a good lesson out all of this. Not sure if it's “accept forgiveness where you find it”, “don't play with cat bunnies”, or “your parents are hellish demons and everybody hates them” but, honestly, the Wheel of Morality would be proud of any of those morals.

A new DDG is up too! Best not to think of the morals that comic gives you. I don't really want to inspire swarms of readers to go out there and get implants. Or do I...

Quick Review: The Secret of Kells- From a purely story perspective, it starts off very slowly but once it starts rolling, it builds very nicely and has a great ending. From an art perspective, it's a masterpiece. The character designs are simple but through that, the animation is fluid and beautiful. Something about the characters struck me as The Critic meets Kim Possible but it's so refined and well-made that it's so much more. Everything from the fairy tale atmosphere to the intricate designs when they're needed work to make it one of the best looking movies I've seen in a long time.