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AD51- Buy Them In Surplus

Disease seems to follow the Sins around, doesn't it? Hmmm... I repeat “Hmmm...”. At least there are some benefits to having a mommy that's an immortal evil demon (aside from her hosting the best slumber parties), you know she won't leave you.
Rhett's pain is Murdie's gain. And for those keeping tabs at home, that is the same arm that Perrin broke back in Rhett's original story. The world has a vendetta against Rhett's left arm.

I totally thought I already had it in there, but I added a link to the Zommunist Manifesto in the Swag section.

Long, I wanna see him and mini-Kratos fight it out Review: Young Thor- The combat is pretty button mashy but you can mostly get around it by exploiting your jump. For some reason you do double damage in the air, so as long as you hop before you attack, you're stronger. Even if it's just a centimeter off the ground, which really makes no sense. Actually, most of the bugs you'll encounter are in the air. In the cage matches, the final enemy won't die if you're in the air (the cage still disappears and you get credit for it, but the enemy is just standing them smacking you around while you wait for the movie to finish), status effects are wonky if they hit you in the air (I spent an entire level with the dizzy prompt over my head), and you can get pushed or push enemies along the z-axis and screw up the level or the very least destroy the camera until the next checkpoint. None of the bugs prevented me from ever finishing a level, but it's a shame that Minis get half-assed playtesting and bug fixes. You can't even cancel attacks with the evasion maneuver. You have to be standing still to dodge so it's pretty useless. Even though it's a 2D game, the camera is terrible. It's frequently in too close and there are some areas where it will glitch and change orientation or screw up on the z-axis so objects in the foreground will block the entire screen and you have to fight blind. It always has considerable slowdown but mainly only in certain sections where enemies gang up on you. The designers found an interesting way around the size limit that allowed for more levels. There are really only four stages but you have to beat each one four times. Each time you go through the levels, the enemy placement changes, the enemies are stronger, some routes are blocked off so you have to explore a bit, and two of the stages get replaced with bosses. A cheap tactic for a full retail game, but for a Mini they WOULD get some kudos except that the game is only 55 of the 100 MB allowed. They had almost enough room to put a whole 'nother game in there, so having to grind experience through those same four levels is a cop out. Unfortunately, one of the levels is really bad which means you have to play a poorly designed crap level multiple times. It features a ten minute slog where all you do is fight constantly respawning enemies. There's even a safe spot so all you're doing is standing in one place killing wave after wave of the same two enemies. The last level is terrible too. I actually had to grind for experience in an action game because I wasn't at a high enough level to do more than 0 damage to the enemies. Even the worst JRPG has more sense than that. The final boss is poorly designed as well. The other two bosses had patterns to learn and a variety of attacks, but the final boss's most powerful attack is that she teleports into you and that takes away 1/4 of your life. Young Thor is worth the five bucks for admission if you have nothing else to play, but somebody with common sense would need to give it a few going-overs if it were to be a full game/the sequel the “ending” sets up.
Sins Committed: Bad camera, Buggy, Poorly Designed
Virtues Acted: Cute, Good mix of platforming and action, Sticking with Norse mythology automatically makes things 5 points more keen