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Posted by Pip

C10- Daddy's Little Devil

Nothing personal against parents, but, man, don’t my characters have a lot of dead mums and dads? Aska’s were both killed, Miranda’s mom is dead, who knows what happened to Rhett’s folks, the Sins don’t have parents, geez! Don’t read into it or anything, I actually like my parents quite a bit.

This page is more of a knock on an idea that passed through my mind very, very, veeery briefly when first designing the Sins. It seemed extraordinarily cliché (thus part of why I didn’t do it), but the Sins would have been required to do something good or improve the life of the person that hosted them. In a situation like this the standard one is always the overworked parent never pays attention to the kid or doesn’t realize how little time he spends with the kid. But Miranda is about the exact opposite, so nuts to clichés.

I should have a due date for the contest within a day or two. Get those fan comics in to make sure you’re entered!