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Posted by Pip

AD55- Con But Not Forgotten

Time skip! Let's jump forward a few years and see how Addy's adventures on the evil side of life have treated her. Well, she got some snazzy glasses out of it. That always helps lesson the blow of knowing your eyes are defective. And she's good at grifting the local townschildren! That's always a plus. Probably could have put some more ooomph it that punch and oooooh crud! She's in trouble now.

It's Halloween this weekend! That means the nation's grownups are holed up in their homes hoping that nobody comes to their doors so they can eat all the leftover candy themselves. Hey, I paid for those Almond Joys. Kids want some, they can get a job.

You know, I think we may have one of the most progressive casts in webcomics. The leaders of the important factions are all women, the cast is racially and specielly (is too a word) inclusive, and we have hetero-, homo-, bi-, and mehtro-sexual characters. I think we're doing all right. Granted saying you're one of the more diverse webcomics is pretty easy as long as fewer than 99.9% of your humans are white, but don't take that away from me!