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Posted by Pip

AD56- Spared From Teenage Angst And Cosmic Power

Something tells me that Addy is going to find that her house is the chosen gathering spot of all her male friends and the PTA will never be looking for dads to show up to meetings. At least Anger is doing his duty and looking after her. Without Rhett around to be the overbearing father figure that scares off any boys hitting on his daughter, somebody had to step up to the plate and there aren't too many others that would be suited for it. Sure Gluttony could handle the task but there'd likely be a significant rise in the number of kids on the sides of milk cartons if she did.
I had to sneak in at least one more little mention of the Grarlg fish. If any creature is worth heading back to the ocean to pick out a pet, it's those lovable guys. And with that, we'll end this chapter and look towards the future! Picking up with them problems of a certain hand thing...

The number of hits we got from TWC doubled this month! Thanks for helping up rise up in the ranks! The rankings have reset for the new month, so go vote now (daily! pleeeaaase) and help up get an early leg or pseudopod up on the competition. And of course, since it's a new week, there's new image. Another round of “Sins Explain...”. Ooooh, science.

And funny searches that led to the comic last month...
“bear in a tutu” - I'm happy to hear that I have readers interested in ballet.
“evils of bribery” - If you're trying to bribe me, none. There are no evils in bribing me. I wholly encourage it and I'm sure you'll find that I have good rates.
“cupacarbra birthday” - That could either be the most awesome birthday party ever, or an absolute horror. Possibly dependent on whether you're a goat or not.

And of course, it's time for a new wallpaper. We previously gave the Sins some time as the fuzz so it's only right that they get to be in a more respectable line of work. Mobsters! Donate monies, art, writing, or help the site out to get your copy.