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Posted by Pip

TG1- Maybe She Just Needs Glasses

The Virts still don't have the guts to tell Chastity that she occasionally glows. It's like noticing that your friend has a piece of lettuce in her teeth, you have to let her know about these things or else she looks bad and you're just kind of a jerk. At least it's good to know that Addy's bizarre gauntlet wasn't just the Universe finding ways to screw her over even more, it's just that the Universe is collapsing in on itself. Possibly as punishment for screwing over sweet little girls who just want parents that love them and that won't die from horrible disease and poison.

I finally put together a logo for our conquest of TopWebComics. You can't really conquer the world if you don't have a banner to rally under or at least a logo people can spray paint or wheat paste onto every lightpole or street sign in town. So vote! Or else Greed will grow enormous and crush your homeworld. But before that happens, you at least get to look up giant Space Lust's skirt. But I may be taking this image too literally.

A new DDG has been posted as well! Space Greed will likely approve of that and it will quell his anger. For now.

And just when you thought I already gave you enough content for one update, Addy's bio has been added to the cast page.