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TG3- A Gauntlet For Everybody Yaaay

Awww, Chastity is the savior of all her minions! Even if she does have super crazy plans. At the very least, I think Rhett would be surprised to learn that his arm can be used for things grander than hailing cabs and getting things off the top shelf when Lust is feeling lazy.
Something appealed to me in Joy not remembering Rhett's name. For all the crap they've put each other through and the times they've pitted the Universe against each other, it would hurt the poor guy to hear she doesn't know. Anybody feel Slapegg-ed enough to flip back and see if she's ever called him by the right moniker?

It's a new month so there's a new voting incentive up on TWC! Vote and you'll be presented with another installment in the “What Happened To...” series.

Quick Review: Superman/Batman Apocalypse- Compared to the last few DC animated movies, this one was a bomb story and art-wise. Why do they all have such freakish super-pronounced upper lips? And why is Clark Kent a ridiculously buff Phoenix Wright?! Supergirl is just kind of a bitch and she's a terribly written character. One week after coming to Earth, her life devolves into a subcartoon view of a woman. Her first day in Metropolis is a montage of her trying on slutty outfits, high heels, and makeup.
I know comics aren't really the bastion of positive female roles, but the whole movie feels like it was designed by a high school freshman. The bad guys are chicks in bondage outfits. Even in Wonder Woman's home, all the woman are dressed in slutty Halloween costumes. The blacksmith is wearing a halter top and a miniskirt! It's hard to not laugh at how lame that is. It also runs into a problem with confusing continuities. It's the direct sequel to the previous Superman/Batman movie but that movie had Power Girl in it and isn't she actually Supergirl? Then you have Doomsday (who shows up without any explanation) but is he the Doomsday from the cartoons, the comics, or the Superman Doomsday movie from a few years ago? Same for Darkseid. The continuity seems different from the TV show but I think this is the first time he's shown up in the movie, yet they all treat him like they've met him dozens of times before. It has some good action, but Superman unbalances things. Watching him beat up a fire isn't the highlight of the movie and they stick to the “Super man/girl is stronger than God and can come back from the dead whenever he feels like it” plan for writing. And on a seriously nerding it up level here, why do Superman/girl have powers on Darkseid's world? I thought Earth's sun was what powered them, so why, halfway across the Universe on a clouded sunless world, are they showing no remote ill-effects? Kinda curious how this planet has the perfect mix of elements from Batman to breathe too but I can ignore that. The two nice things I can say about it are that I love that shockwave effect they always use when Superman goes all out and really slams something and Ed Asner as Granny Goodness. I love that casting.